Pack 12 Solo A5 Smoke Detector Test Gas Canister 250ml

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Main Features of Solo A5:

  • Formerly Solo A3 - now replaced with the NEW Solo A5
  • Manufactured by Detectortesters for their Solo range
  • Perfect to use with Solo 330 and Solo 332 smoke dispensers
  • Compliant for EU regulations
  • UL Certified

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What is a Solo A5 Smoke Detector Test Gas Canister 250ml?

Manufactured by Detectortesters, from the Solo range, our Solo A5 Smoke Detector Test Gas Canister 250ml is the perfect solution to replace the smoke inside the SOLO 330-001.

The new Solo A5 001 & Solo A10 are recent innovations which were created so the Solo A3 can be replaced. They have many applications and are designed to test a variety of smoke detectors which are present and have been installed in a range of commercial and residential buildings across the globe. The Solo A5 is pitched as the everyday smoke for Solo fire alarm testers. A word of caution, the Solo A5 001 is flammable and therefore for a non-flammable choice, please choose the Solo A10.

In addition to the Solo A5 Aerosol being able to be fitted straight into the Solo 330 or Solo 332 - the Solo A5 can be used directly in the hand as a test gas canister. The fire alarm test gas works by producing smoke particles close to or underneath the fire alarm which simulates the conditions of a real fire but done so in a way that is both safe and less disruptive.

Our range of Solo Gas Canisters, Solo A5 Aerosol and Solo A10 have been designed to use various gasses when compared to the former Solo A3. The previous Solo A3 gas named HFC 134a is thought to be harmful to the environment and therefore is no longer in use and has been replaced with the new more eco friendly version.

Since 31st December 2017, Detectortesters is no longer manufacturing the former Solo A3 and now produce the Solo A5 001 and Solo A10 range. Any organisations which currently hold stock of the previous A3 are able to sell until their stocks are reduced to zero. 

Which Detectortester Solo products are affected by the regulation change?

There are a number of products which Detectortesters are no longer able to produce due to environmental concerns. They include:

  • Solo A3
  • Solo A7
  • Aero 300
  • Chekkit Smoke Gas Canisters

These are all in the process of being faded out.

When will Solo A3 and others be faded out?

Due to the change in regulations, Detectortesters, from the 31st December 2017, won’t be producing anymore Solo A3, Solo A7, Aero 300 or Chekkit Smoke Gas Canisters.

    At Fire Trade Supplies, we offer a range of Solo Test Equipment accessories. Our fire test accessories cover most areas of your needs from smoke detector tester sprays, fibreglass extension poles, removal tools, smoke testers, additional cables, aerosols to grips and silicone membranes - we’ve got it all.

    Take a look at our range of solo smoke detector testers and accessories below. If you have any questions, please get in touch:

    Solo Range Downloads:

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    Solo Gas Canister Product Catalog

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